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The ‘Leaks’ Strategy and Other Idiotic Campaign Ideas

18 Oct

Pakistan-Flag-Pictures-5Over the last few weeks there has been significant discussion on the ‘leaked’ proceedings of a meeting between the civil and military leadership. The ‘leaked’ details ended up in Cyril’s article in Dawn and that led to a whole expedition in absurdity culminating in Cyril and Dawn being declared enemies of the highest order. Continue reading


Elitist Activism: Minting Money, Hurting Pakistan

20 Mar

ImageIn case you haven’t noticed, the new ‘IN’ thing in social media circles is to be an ‘Activist’. Go through numerous twitter profiles and on-line articles and you would notice that in most cases the person introduces themselves as an activist. But every time you ask them what is that they actually do, most of them have no real answers apart from saying that they are either freelance film makers or columnists which is common man speak for jobless people too lazy and under qualified to actually land a permanent job. And in absence of a real job, they have chosen to convert activism in to a career hoping to make a few bucks here and there. Continue reading

Open Letter to PTI SM Team and PTI Cultists

26 Feb

pti-social-media-teamWriting an open letter to you guys has been on my list for a while now. The sort of antics you all indulge in are juvenile to say the least but there is a lot more to what you guys do.  One would think that representing a party that has been around for 16 years and has managed only 1 seat in the NA would bring you guys down to reality but like most things about PTI, rationality and reason seem to have skipped you guys completely.

Continue reading

The IRI Survey

28 Jan

ImageGiven that the IRI Survey is not uploaded anywhere on the internet, we at Logic Monkey decided to help you guys out by uploading the basic data that you need to know about the IRI Survey.

Breaking Punjab… PPP’s New Plan

13 Dec

Pakistans-Prime-Minister-Raja-Pervez-AshrafBy now we are all used to the fact that PPP government along with their allies are always working tirelessly to screw the people of Pakistan sideways. They have worked over time in the case of Karachi where 9000 people have lost their lives and yet PPP manages to talk about how they are ‘keeping the peace’ there. Also in the case of the whole province, PPP managed to divide Sindh with the help of MQM to ensure that people of Sindh always suffer and never get away from the modern slavery of the MQM and the PPP. In Balochistan they have essentially lit the province on fire. In KPK there is a war like situation on going. Continue reading

PPP: Perpetually Playing Victim

20 Oct

In the wake of the Short Order regarding the Asghar Khan petition, everyone has come out saying it is a good decision and should have been taken ages ago. But as always the PPP did one better and made the PM Pervaiz Ashraf call a press conference and declare this event as a great victory for PPP. He also went ahead and talked about all injustices that the PPP has suffered. In essence what the PM did was somehow paint the PPP as a victim even after 20 something years, while sitting in government. With elections about 6 months away, this BS needs to stop now. Continue reading