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PPP’s never ending Pummelling of Pakistan

2 Mar

20120506_01Recently, the PPP government removed Hafeez Shaikh, the absolute worst Finance Minister Pakistan has ever had. Only to replace him with a person, Mandviwalla, who practically has zero understanding of the economy and the state Pakistan is currently in.

In the time since the new genius has been in charge, the PIA and the Steel Mills have received massive bailouts, the price of dollar has gone up and the price of oil and diesel have also been increased. While our Foreign reserves stand at less than 8 Billion US Dollars, which is very low for a country our size, the new Finance Minister seems to be more worried about milking his new post for the next fifteen days as hard as he can. Continue reading


Perpetual Whining And Selective Criticism: The Case of the Metro Bus

12 Feb

ImageEver since the Metro Bus was first conceived about 11 months ago, people have been criticizing and bashing it non stop. Social media has been abuzz with people perpetually bitching and whining about the Metro Bus without actually knowing or understanding the concept of the project. Continue reading

The IRI Survey

28 Jan

ImageGiven that the IRI Survey is not uploaded anywhere on the internet, we at Logic Monkey decided to help you guys out by uploading the basic data that you need to know about the IRI Survey.

5 Questions For Altaf – Qadri Alliance

2 Jan

As expected, Establishment’s favourite stooge is now best friends with Establishment’s latest stooge. The Altaf – Qadri or AL-Qadri alliance, is gearing up for putting up a show on the eve of the 14th January in Islamabad. This would be the first time that a political party that has been in government for over 10 years is going to… wait for it… protest against an election system which it is a part of and has used to enjoy 10 years of government.

And Establishment had a dream and in that Dream they chose their Stooges

And Establishment had a dream and in that Dream they chose their Stooges

So looking at this marriage of convenience (Where ‘convenience’ means ‘Establishment’s Orders’) one is inclined to ask a few questions to the Al – Qadri Alliance.

Continue reading

The Time When Tahir-Ul-Qadri Pretended to Have An Assassination Attempt

2 Jan

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Oversees Killing of 9000 People… Gets an Actual Award

26 Dec


Why MQM is Burning Karachi To The Ground

15 Dec

37775_428496123136_109340433136_4870840_4058625_nIn the last 6 months or so, Karachi has been perpetually burning. To be honest Karachi has been burning for over five years now, but in the last 6 months it’s gotten simply insane. Unlike Rehman Malik who refuses to accept the facts and shows us the third finger regularly as the reason Karachi is burning, the rest of humanity knows it’s the MQM at play. But why is MQM, the party that claims to own the city and be its savior killing and maiming people in the city that was once beautiful and amazing.

Simply put there are three reasons this mess is going on. We can throw down all sorts of theories but factually speaking it’s these three reasons combined that are the basis of Karachi’s current bout of MQM. Continue reading