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Perpetual Whining And Selective Criticism: The Case of the Metro Bus

12 Feb

ImageEver since the Metro Bus was first conceived about 11 months ago, people have been criticizing and bashing it non stop. Social media has been abuzz with people perpetually bitching and whining about the Metro Bus without actually knowing or understanding the concept of the project. Continue reading


Oversees Killing of 9000 People… Gets an Actual Award

26 Dec


Why MQM is Burning Karachi To The Ground

15 Dec

37775_428496123136_109340433136_4870840_4058625_nIn the last 6 months or so, Karachi has been perpetually burning. To be honest Karachi has been burning for over five years now, but in the last 6 months it’s gotten simply insane. Unlike Rehman Malik who refuses to accept the facts and shows us the third finger regularly as the reason Karachi is burning, the rest of humanity knows it’s the MQM at play. But why is MQM, the party that claims to own the city and be its savior killing and maiming people in the city that was once beautiful and amazing.

Simply put there are three reasons this mess is going on. We can throw down all sorts of theories but factually speaking it’s these three reasons combined that are the basis of Karachi’s current bout of MQM. Continue reading

MQM: Rules… What Rules? Morals… What Morals?

3 Dec

12-3-2012_19217_l_TPeople often say that there are two Pakistans, one for the rich and one for the poor. That is a debatable issue, but what is not debatable is the fact that MQM lives and operates in a different domain than the rest of us.

Everyone by now knows that in the last 5 years over 8000 people have lost their lives in Karachi. Out of the 5 years in question, MQM held the Mayorship of the city while it was also in the Provincial & Federal Government. But magically* MQM managed to not get blamed for this gross mismanagement and instead they actually managed magically* to walk out of this as victims. Continue reading

The Bakery, The CM and Social Media

18 Oct

Recently Social Media has been on fire about the Bakery Incident that involved CM Punjab’s daughter’s security in an altercation with Bakery Staff. The story came up in a very planned manner with a video ‘leaking’ on Vimeo and then being spread through a very specific group of people till it eventually went viral. And after it did what followed was the very similar hue and cry of our social media and mainstream media about how the powerful can get away with anything and how law and order is going to hell in Punjab. It got to a point where some people started saying things like Punjab was being treated like private property of the CM where his kids get to play and do whatever they like. Continue reading