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5 Questions Everyone Should Ask From Tahir-ul-Qadri

19 Dec

Dr-Tahir-Ul-QadriThere no way that you have not seen the Tahir-Ul-Qadri media blitz in action in the last 1 month. Honestly, there is no way that you have missed out on the insane amounts of advertising and media buying Tahir-ul-Qadri has done. For those of you who do not know Tahir-Ul-Qadri, he calls himself Shaikh-ul-Islam and is the owner of Minhaj ul Quran as well as the Minhaj University. He ran for elections 15 years ago on a platform of social justice and what not, got thrashed in the elections. Then he ran for elections again in 2002, barely won against Abdul Aleem Khan from the Township Constituency in Lahore. You can always Wikipedia the guy and see what else he has done and if you have access to Youtube you can see multiple clips of his, in short he is a show man who has minted money and has lived a comfy life in Canada for the last many many years. Continue reading