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Epic Governance Ki Ghazab Kahani: Sindh, Balochistan and KPK

25 Oct

While the Punjab Government gets bashed very regularly on all forms of media, it somehow is the only Provincial Government in Pakistan that seems to be doing something. But even though there is a ton of good that gets done, somehow the Social and Traditional Media work over time to go after the Punjab Government. Now we can spend time and ask why they do that or we can ask a more important question which is what have all the other provincial governments done in the last 5 years?

What has the Government of Sindh done in the last five years? Mustafa Kamal, MQM’s Former Karachi Mayor, takes the credit for all the development that happened in Karachi. Apart from that, there are hardly any noteworthy projects that have taken place elsewhere within the province. So one is forced to ask, what exactly has the Sindh Government done in the last 5 years? A coalition government of PPP and MQM that misses no chance to throw mud at everyone else be it the PML N, PTI or the Sindhi Nationalists but in fact has not done crap in the last few years. And now that 5 years are nearly done, they have magically thought out a plan to divide Sindh among themselves thereby condemning the people of Sindh to a choice between people you simply cannot disagree with Vs people who genuinely do not give a crap about what you think or say. Add to this the way the provincial government is simply helpless about the violence that keeps erupting in Karachi. Somehow according to our media, people getting killed in Punjab is Punjab Governments fault and when hundreds get killed in mere 2 to 3 days that is somehow NOT Sindh Governments fault or responsibility. Do you see the issue here? Somehow no matter what happens in Karachi, it is no one’s fault but whatever happens in Punjab is somehow linked back to the Government of Punjab. Why can’t we follow the same logic in Sindh, I mean it works for Punjab then why not Sindh? Continue reading