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Open Letter to Pakistani Faketivists

24 Jul


I have been meaning to write to you for a while now but something more interesting kept coming up. Now that the elections are over and nothing really exciting is going on, I thought this would be the perfect time to call you out for the sort of shit you all pull on a regular basis.

First off, I get it. Honestly, we all get it. We get that you have no real career and zero future prospects as an expert in any field. We also understand that like all humans you have a survival instinct and given that you have no viable career option (either because of your stupidity or bad life decisions) you need to find a way to survive. So it is fine that you have chosen to become an ‘activist’ as a career choice and we totally get it. Continue reading


Open Letter to PTI SM Team and PTI Cultists

26 Feb

pti-social-media-teamWriting an open letter to you guys has been on my list for a while now. The sort of antics you all indulge in are juvenile to say the least but there is a lot more to what you guys do.  One would think that representing a party that has been around for 16 years and has managed only 1 seat in the NA would bring you guys down to reality but like most things about PTI, rationality and reason seem to have skipped you guys completely.

Continue reading

Perpetual Whining And Selective Criticism: The Case of the Metro Bus

12 Feb

ImageEver since the Metro Bus was first conceived about 11 months ago, people have been criticizing and bashing it non stop. Social media has been abuzz with people perpetually bitching and whining about the Metro Bus without actually knowing or understanding the concept of the project. Continue reading


Oversees Killing of 9000 People… Gets an Actual Award

26 Dec


Social Media Dentists and the Knock Off Obama

5 Nov

You know bad days are coming when someone stops putting in an effort and start ripping/copying stuff from other people. Think of it this way, how sad is it when you see Sahir Lodhi desperately trying to copy Shahrukh Khan and how pathetic he comes off as a person. Now in place of Sahir Lodhi consider PTI and in place of Shah Rukh Khan think of the Obama campaign. For months PTI has been copying Obama’s campaign like a playbook and people have let that pass because well PTI gets away with things other parties cannot because they have a troll army and others do not.

What the Obama campaign did over a month ago

But with this latest copy paste of the Obama Campaign’s Initiative, as the it is now just sad to see the direction PTI Is taking. For months they have managed to somehow delay elections within their party while continuously asking everyone else to have them. This party still does not have a list of candidates and has seen massive defections in the party. But even then, PTI had the audacity to put up three 60 year olds on an elevated stage in hall in Lahore to talk about how Youth matters in the political landscape of Pakistan. Initially this glaring hypocrisy made people angry at how PTI refuses to see what it has become but now it is just sad. Like a Chinese knock off, PTI is now showing exposing its wear and tear. Continue reading

Anas Razzaq: Women Harasser Extraordinaire

4 Nov

Ok this is simply amazing.. the person she is talking about goes by the name of Anas Razzaq, Or Anas Inc or Anas Jutt. He is a PPP supporter based out of the US who spends half the day repeating PPP and essentially pushing their agenda. At times he even takes the liberty of calling himself their SM Team Lead. So all in all a typical Psuedo Educated Leftist Liberal Type.

But that perception changes the moment you go through this and realize how big of a moron this guy is. He actually has the audacity to harass women and then actually try to force them not to say anything about it.

I am posting this up from the original website, because people should know. People should know what vultures exist online and what their approach is. Also do remember this is the same guy who cannot shut up about how pro women PPP is. So I am guessing this is what being Pro Women in PPP means now…

In the wake of this blog, Anas Razzaq has shut off all his Twitter IDs but for the record they were @AnasRazzaq @AnasJutt @EconInc

s&f joon

Hey joonies, 

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a guest post and what better way to kick off the eve of HUMP DAY than with a very special post from one of our readers.  This post combines all of our favorite things: social media, relationships, and doodool-talas.  Enjoy and drop her a line in the comments!

I think its the curse of being brown that most men especially your typical brown Pakistani men (I will talk about my own males because I am blessed with God gifted rights to railroad them) think that they can literally walk over you.

They can get to know you in the name of friendship, play with you, treat you like shit and when they are all done, their arrogant ass can throw you away.

Most of the time, they prefer that you will stick to them inspite of the emotional abuse that they…

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The Bakery, The CM and Social Media

18 Oct

Recently Social Media has been on fire about the Bakery Incident that involved CM Punjab’s daughter’s security in an altercation with Bakery Staff. The story came up in a very planned manner with a video ‘leaking’ on Vimeo and then being spread through a very specific group of people till it eventually went viral. And after it did what followed was the very similar hue and cry of our social media and mainstream media about how the powerful can get away with anything and how law and order is going to hell in Punjab. It got to a point where some people started saying things like Punjab was being treated like private property of the CM where his kids get to play and do whatever they like. Continue reading