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The ‘Leaks’ Strategy and Other Idiotic Campaign Ideas

18 Oct

Pakistan-Flag-Pictures-5Over the last few weeks there has been significant discussion on the ‘leaked’ proceedings of a meeting between the civil and military leadership. The ‘leaked’ details ended up in Cyril’s article in Dawn and that led to a whole expedition in absurdity culminating in Cyril and Dawn being declared enemies of the highest order. Continue reading


What PPP needs to do now….

28 Nov

28bilawalIt has been a while since I made the effort to write a post about something. It is not that I have been busy; it is just that my threshold for tolerating bullshit just went up. But as expected there are things that just seem to get more annoying by the day and one of them is the PPP.

Recently the PPP after being kicked out of the government by the people of Pakistan have started re-establishing themselves again… but this time they are only online. Think about it for a second, the political party that actually has always been proud of their workers and their ground operations has now decided to focus more… online! WHAT THE FUCK! PPP your strategy is to copy PTI? Are you freaking kidding me? Are you guys high.. Ok do not answer that. Continue reading

PPP’s never ending Pummelling of Pakistan

2 Mar

20120506_01Recently, the PPP government removed Hafeez Shaikh, the absolute worst Finance Minister Pakistan has ever had. Only to replace him with a person, Mandviwalla, who practically has zero understanding of the economy and the state Pakistan is currently in.

In the time since the new genius has been in charge, the PIA and the Steel Mills have received massive bailouts, the price of dollar has gone up and the price of oil and diesel have also been increased. While our Foreign reserves stand at less than 8 Billion US Dollars, which is very low for a country our size, the new Finance Minister seems to be more worried about milking his new post for the next fifteen days as hard as he can. Continue reading

Meet PTI’s New Lahore President: Abdul Aleem ‘Land Scam’ Khan

1 Mar

aleem-khan-480x238Name: Abdul Aleem Khan

DoB: 05-03-1972

Education: Government College Lahore

Constituency: PP 147 (Lahore IX) and NA 127 (Lahore X)

Government Position Held: Punjab Minister for IT Continue reading

Beware of Bahria Town Lahore: Public Service Message

21 Feb


Another scam by Bahria Town has come to light… where they declared they had gained over 45 Billion Dollars in Investment. The clarification by Dhabi Group in Today’s Papers clarifies what a scam Bahria Town is.

Abud DHabi Group

There are certain people who refuse to stop screwing people over no matter what happens. Be it rain or sunshine, they never get tired of scamming the poor and the trusting to fill their coffers that they later use to bolster their public image that helps them eventually get away with all the scams they have pulled. If those people had a father figure or a mentor, that guy would be the Bahria Man.

In his latest attempt to scam people of Lahore, Bahria Man was selling Sector D, E and F of his Bahria Town Lahore on installments. As always there were half page ads in all major newspapers and there was a whole advertising blitz across the city. But this time, finally the LDA decided to wake up and put out an advert telling people that Bahria Town was scamming people and none of sectors they were selling were actually approved by LDA. Continue reading

An Open Letter to Mubasher Lucman

14 Feb

Wish You Opened Your Eyes Every Now and Then..

Dear Lucman,

I have been meaning to write this letter for a while now. Initially I was hesitant because I know you have issues actually reading stuff as evidenced by your shows where you once called Linux Ubantu OS ‘China Ki Windows’. But given the sort of antics you have been pulling in the last few years, someone had to call you out on your bull shit. Continue reading

A Few Bad Men: How Kargil Was Used to Kill Democracy

3 Feb
The Man Who Sold Pakistan

The Man Who Sold Pakistan

Last week the issue of Kargil was reignited in public debate again after a decade. In a confessional interview of sorts broadcast on national TV, Gen (Retd.) Shahid Aziz admitted that the Kargil operation was a ‘misadventure’ to say the least and that there was no proper planning for the operation. He also said that a lot of people even within the military were kept in the dark about the operation. Most people had long said exactly that but this was the first time one of the people directly involved has spoken up about Kargil and given insider information. Continue reading