Open Letter to the King of Punjab

9 Nov

O King of Punjab,

415656-shahbazsharif-1343770362-905-640x480I write this open letter to you as a last resort. The people have tried getting your attention through tweets, FB messages and even columns but none of that seems to get to you courtesy your courtiers. I address you as King because that is what you are. Punjab has not been democratic for years and your style of governance has turned our province in to a kingdom that is run through a royal court made up of your favorite courtiers. Given this is a kingdom, I will not even bother discussing the situation of merit or anything that happens in a democracy.

This letter is only concerned with asking your highness one question; why do you think Child Molestation is okay? I ask that given the way your courtiers have swept the Kasur Child Abuse ring under the rug when a nobleman of your court was directly involved in it. How does your highness justify the molestation and rape of children and abuse of their families by your nobleman? What kind of a king are you that you cannot even provide justice to those who need it the most? Is it because these people are poor and you cannot milk them for anything? Is it because you care for your noblemen more than you care for the common people who make up your kingdom?

shahbaz-sharif-1111Your highness, the fact is you cannot build a bridge over child abuse. As much as your courtiers would tell you that things are not as bad as they seem, the reality is far from it. First it was how you dealt with the assassination of innocent people in Model Town. Instead of holding people responsible for murder of your people, you chose to appoint one of them as WTO Ambassador while you kept the other one on as a Minister. You might not see it but the world looks at the killer in Geneva and sees what the federation as weak on crime and integrity. You conveniently chose to ignore the realities of life when it came to focusing on creating a powerful local body system because that would threaten the power of your court. All this was digested by the people of Punjab because you ruled your kingdom in a manner that seemed progressive. But now that the dust is settling and 8 years in to this joke, people are slowly realizing that dirt flying is not a form of governance, it is more like a sick joke for the masses.

But I digress. King, as someone who is still loyal to your brother, I ask you why have you chosen to side with child molestation? At what point do you feel is it okay for children to lose their childhood because of sick minded individuals who are powerful enough through association to your court? Have you seen the clips of children asking for mercy from their rapists as they are drugged and raped while someone films them? How are you okay with that? How do you sleep at night knowing that in your kingdom children screamed while your courtiers led their rape and torture? How are you calling yourself a king when you have no clothes on and we can all see it?

How can you see a Metrobus going through an underpass and not see the suffering of children of Kasur? Do they matter less because they are not in your capital? Do humans beyond the capital mean nothing to you?

At least have the decency to step forward and say that you do not care anymore. That you are okay with the idea of children losing their childhood because you decided it was not worth your time and effort. At least have the balls to step forward and say you are a King who does not care whether we live or die as long as you get a build a bridge over our graves!

So what say you King of Punjab… What say you the man with no balls?

May God Provide Us Justice & Patience,

People of Punjab


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