What PPP needs to do now….

28 Nov

28bilawalIt has been a while since I made the effort to write a post about something. It is not that I have been busy; it is just that my threshold for tolerating bullshit just went up. But as expected there are things that just seem to get more annoying by the day and one of them is the PPP.

Recently the PPP after being kicked out of the government by the people of Pakistan have started re-establishing themselves again… but this time they are only online. Think about it for a second, the political party that actually has always been proud of their workers and their ground operations has now decided to focus more… online! WHAT THE FUCK! PPP your strategy is to copy PTI? Are you freaking kidding me? Are you guys high.. Ok do not answer that.

Listen PPP, I know you guys are desperate and that dumbfuck you have as your leader can only come off as sane as long as he doesn’t open his mouth. So online party development genuinely may seems like a good idea but it is not. Plus the people you have on the job for that are failures of the highest order, I mean come on you paid the same guy for like 2 years through getting him a BS job in a government department and that jack ass could not get past snapping his own pictures with Hina Rabbani and Kaira. Yaar do minute socho, jis chutiye ke approach yeh ho ke us ne tasveerein khincha ke FB pe upload kar ke number bana nay hain aur us ko aap maheenay ke 75,ooo bhi de rahay ho who bhi tax payer ka aur who phir bhi kuch na karay… to chutiya phir who nai, chutiye aap hain phir PPP.

ppp-rally-670Secondly, by bringing the most hated man in Pakistan online and managing his account through a failures is a bad idea yaar. It is just a bad move. I know the Capital Brothers get a very heavy say on issues, but realize that they have their own severe insecurities that they have been trying to plug for so many years. How can people who have perpetual insecurities about their careers and how much money they have, make an impact for a party?

Thirdly, PPP honestly I have always had respect for you as a party purely because you put up a challenge and without you guys, PML N would not even have to move a muscle to win elections. But thing is guys, you need to understand that you are playing at a different level now. You cannot pull the whole Sindh Card any more, plus the sort of people you collected by giving them favors and consultancies in the last 5 years are basically glorified self styled intellectual whores. They will shift sides in a second for a few thousand rupees or worse for a foreign tour. And FYI, about 7 of them are already trying to wank off the PML N ministers in Islamabad for the last 4 months, woh to un ko personal appointments nai mil rahein. Plus let’s be frank most of them are pretty self obsessed pieces of shit who genuinely do not have any interest in how PPP does in elections.

Bakhtawar&AseefaBBPPPHaving said that, you guys need to do this;

  1. Fire the dip shit online team you got. They have been scamming you for three years now. Grow a pair and get rid of them
  2. Everyone who sucks off bilawal is not a genuine peepliya. You know why I am saying this… remember the reserve seat fiasco and the rejected going to MQM?
  3. Keep Bilawal away honestly, Bakhtawar is your face for at least another 4 years. If nothing else at least she presents a more logical and acceptable side of your party that is normally presented by third rate intellectuals you guys own through consultancies.
  4. Come up with a proper integrated Digital strategy and for the love of GOD do not copy the PML N strategy like you have been. Bilawal is no Maryam Nawaz, and you cannot copy that strategy for his re-re-re-Launch. You need to stop launching that guy’s career, get the hint already.
  5. BB Shaheed was a great person, but thing is, stop selling her death. You did that twice already in 2008 and 2013. Come up with a better strategy.
  6. Hire a proper digital media and advertising firm; give them a long term contract like PTI did. Let them work with your people and just focus on your core constituency.
  7. Forget Punjab and focus on KPK and Sindh. Likes of Rana Sana were tasked with completely dismantling PPP and PTI back in March. The local body elections would essentially end PPP in Punjab. PTI will survive as the main adversary. So focus on KPK where you have a chance and in Sindh where unfortunately the people of Sindh’s misery cannot end just yet.

I honestly hope you guys take some of this seriously because it would be heart breaking to see you guys become worse than PTI. I mean come on, you really want to be the party that is worse than a party run by a crack pot? And I know that question is hard to answer given you have Bilawal but then again you got Bakhtawar and Asifa, you guys have hope.


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