PPP’s never ending Pummelling of Pakistan

2 Mar

20120506_01Recently, the PPP government removed Hafeez Shaikh, the absolute worst Finance Minister Pakistan has ever had. Only to replace him with a person, Mandviwalla, who practically has zero understanding of the economy and the state Pakistan is currently in.

In the time since the new genius has been in charge, the PIA and the Steel Mills have received massive bailouts, the price of dollar has gone up and the price of oil and diesel have also been increased. While our Foreign reserves stand at less than 8 Billion US Dollars, which is very low for a country our size, the new Finance Minister seems to be more worried about milking his new post for the next fifteen days as hard as he can.

Salim Mandviwalla’s appointment needs to be seen from a different perspective instead of being taken as just another bad political appointment. His appointment is representative of the PPP’s core mentality which has led Pakistan down a dangerous path in the last; the mentality that believes in screwing and pummelling the people of Pakistan is the only way forward. Take a step back and think about the last 5 years, think about all the scandals, Hajj Scandal, Epihidrine Scandal, NICL Scandal, OGDCL, Railways and the Steel Mills, in all these cases there is one thing common and that is the enabler in each case was a person who was appointed by PPP/MQM/PML -Q/ANP Government. And it was this person who was crucial to the scam and its execution. For 5 years now, PPP with the help of its allies, the PML – Q, MQM and ANP has appointed people who have no background in the field to high level positions so that they can enable corruption and help plunder Pakistan.

Tauqir-SadiqAnd now with Mandviwalla’s appointment, this mentality is put in full public view where by a government that has less than 2 weeks to go, is throwing money in media buying through the Sindh Government Information Department to promote everything that is named Bhutto  while our Foreign Reserves plummet. We the people need to realize that this is a slap on our faces, two weeks before they leave they are having a laugh at our situation, a situation they led us to.

So while none of us can do anything about people like Mandviwalla or Tauqir Sadiq, the fugitive Ex- OGDCL Chairman at the heart of the 80 Billion Rupee Scam. What we can do is however remember who appointed these people to such positions; it was PPP, PML – Q, MQM and ANP. Remember that when you cast your vote. 


One Response to “PPP’s never ending Pummelling of Pakistan”

  1. Malik Azam March 2, 2013 at 8:29 am #

    Plz spread the message to those who do not have accesss to internet or cannot understand English written content of these Mega scams to let them know whom
    to vote next time.

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