Open Letter to PTI SM Team and PTI Cultists

26 Feb

pti-social-media-teamWriting an open letter to you guys has been on my list for a while now. The sort of antics you all indulge in are juvenile to say the least but there is a lot more to what you guys do.  One would think that representing a party that has been around for 16 years and has managed only 1 seat in the NA would bring you guys down to reality but like most things about PTI, rationality and reason seem to have skipped you guys completely.

To start with you guys need to realize that this is just an election. This is not about life or death and please do not give that BS about OMG country will be destroyed if you guys do not win. Countries do not go to hell that easily and if we can survive 15 years of PPP rule in our 65 year history, I am fairly certain we can survive you morons not winning. Also, we get it guys, Imran Khan is your hero. As a cricketer even I liked the guy and respected him immensely, but for fuck sakes he is a shit politician. Accept that fact already. This is a guy who got elected to parliament and hardly ever came to the sessions and completely skipped out on the standing committees he was a member of. This is the level of seriousness this guy showed when he was given the chance. Also yeh wohi genius hai jo Musharraf se japhi maar ke baitha huwa tha aur ab Mush ke khilaf hai. Also yeh wohi bhai thay But somehow, you guys think he can do better. Good for you, but do you have to go all Nazi Youth on rest of Pakistan by repeating Immy’s brand of BS repeatedly? Learn to live with differences that are how normal people live their lives. Everyone has opinions, so stop attacking people like rabid dogs for having their own opinions.

First it was Shireen Mazari, Then Rabia Zia and now Masood Khattak... all targeted by Nazi Imrani Youth

First it was Shireen Mazari, Then Rabia Zia and now Masood Khattak… all targeted by Nazi Imrani Youth

Also, get this through your thick skull. If someone leaves your party, stop fucking pretending that the person is an asshole just because they leave. People have choices to make and they make those choices, attacking people and badmouthing them for the pleasure of your leader is Nazi like behavior. Also try using your own brains; I know it is hard for you people to have free thoughts and independent ideas other than those fed to you by a inferiority complex hit dentist. One or two people may be liars, but if people from within your party keep leaving and keep saying there is something wrong going on, for fuck sakes you morons actually investigate it yourself. But then again I am asking you guys too much, you are the same ass wipes who cheered when Abdul Aleem Khan joined your party.

You guys are hurting PTI. Nai iman se, you guys are actually hurting that party. I know that two bit dentist jis ki apni practice chalti nai hai wants to be in Sindh Assembly, aur us ne sab ko bakra banaya huwa hai. But realize that nationally you are hurting your party, you guys have been pushed back from KPK jahan pe you guys actually made serious gains. And all that is happening because you guys act as if PTI is a cult and not a political party. Look at what you assholes did to Masood Khattak, a person who is genuinely decent and could have helped on the ground big times unlike that super dumbfuck Azam Swati. But yehi to rona hai, ap logoun ko ground reality samajh aati to kya hi baat thee.

549921_10200751540774445_2117129601_nLastly, with regards to that Anas kid. The kid has sociopathic tendencies, please get him help. Take him to a shrink because that kid needs serious counseling and I know people have been using it as a political tool and its wrong but to be very honest with you, you guys do the same to others. Aap log to itnay harami ho ke aap to agloun ki maan bhen baiti ko nai bakshtay for your political purposes. Instead of defending that kid just because he is part of your cult and does messy shit for you, get the kid help he needs and be responsible for once.

Fact is this; you guys have hurt democracy in Pakistan. I know that is a big statement but that is what you guys have done. Your cultist approach to everything has rendered logical argumentation a memory of a bygone era, everything needs to be done the way you want and your leader wants otherwise who cheez hi ghalat declare ho jaati hai. This is how the Nazi Youth was. Go read the history books, you are not a political movement, you are basically worshippers of glorified BS fed to you by a an Ex Cricketer.

So while you all are trying to defend that kid who did a lot of wrong instead of getting him help, realize that you led that kid to this point. Just like you have led many many people to a point where they have no sense of right or wrong because in your little sick world, the cult leader is always right and everyone else needs to be shut up.

All I can say is learn from the Nazis. Look at how they got destroyed but before doing so ruined generations of people.

See you after the elections when you go in to frenzy about your losses and then pretend it was all wrong. See you then when the real voters bitch the Nazi Imrani Youth that you help brainwash.

Also next time you come after someone on twitter, remember that once the elections are done, people will come after you too and then you won’t have your concerts and cult to protect you from being publicly bitched out.

Hope You Get Scammed Too

Logic Monkey


6 Responses to “Open Letter to PTI SM Team and PTI Cultists”

  1. furrukh khan February 26, 2013 at 10:52 am #

    Fear, Bias and living in a fool’s paradise. Doesn’t desrve more.

  2. Sara Kazmie February 26, 2013 at 1:24 pm #

    Awesome Write up … In your Face PTI ;]

  3. Cultist Cutie February 26, 2013 at 4:41 pm #

    hahahahaha- inti kamzoor party py itna ghussa. itna obsession. tch chc hcchhcch. help your self baby. and have a cup of tea and cold water with maulana diesel. your upright mullah who was in Mush govt and may be do some love talk with Kashmala and her party the right hand of musharrraf.. LoL. u r funny. enna ghussa? tch ch

  4. Cultist Cutie February 26, 2013 at 4:42 pm #

    himmat hai. aur itna teri baat main dum haina to approve kr comment. cheapster patwari

  5. Asad February 26, 2013 at 8:55 pm #

    The writer is fucked up in his head! Get a life & go fuck yourself….

  6. Khurram February 28, 2013 at 1:12 pm #

    Proud to be a Patwari 🙂

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