Beware of Bahria Town Lahore: Public Service Message

21 Feb


Another scam by Bahria Town has come to light… where they declared they had gained over 45 Billion Dollars in Investment. The clarification by Dhabi Group in Today’s Papers clarifies what a scam Bahria Town is.

Abud DHabi Group

There are certain people who refuse to stop screwing people over no matter what happens. Be it rain or sunshine, they never get tired of scamming the poor and the trusting to fill their coffers that they later use to bolster their public image that helps them eventually get away with all the scams they have pulled. If those people had a father figure or a mentor, that guy would be the Bahria Man.

In his latest attempt to scam people of Lahore, Bahria Man was selling Sector D, E and F of his Bahria Town Lahore on installments. As always there were half page ads in all major newspapers and there was a whole advertising blitz across the city. But this time, finally the LDA decided to wake up and put out an advert telling people that Bahria Town was scamming people and none of sectors they were selling were actually approved by LDA.

LDA ADvert

Now for those of you who have no idea, Lahore Development Authority is responsible for developing the city of Lahore. All major infrastructure and city planning falls under their jurisdiction and private schemes such as Bahria Town and even DHA have to be approved by the LDA before they are built. So if something is not approved by the LDA, it can be considered illegal construction and taken down. Bahria Town is essentially betting that a whole sector cannot be taken apart by the LDA. Additionally the land for these sectors is still not completely acquired and most of the down payments are being used to acquire this land right now. So you are essentially paying for land to be acquired for something that is not approved by the LDA and is at risk of being demolished as it would be considered an illegal structure.

BahriaBut as is the case, Bahria Man is on an offensive with this latest attempt at ‘Sackroo-ing’ the people of Lahore. He is taking out half page adverts in major newspapers against the LDA. In addition to that any paper that publishes LDA’s adverts is being offered up to 50 Million Rupees to stop doing that and if they choose to refuse Bahria Town will pull all its advertising from them. So essentially it is black mailing time by Bahria Man so that he can scam the people in peace.

So please, if you know anyone around you who is investing in Bahria Town Lahore specifically in sectors identified as illegal by LDA, let them know what they are getting in to. Spread the message as much as you can.


One Response to “Beware of Bahria Town Lahore: Public Service Message”

  1. Hassan June 22, 2013 at 6:33 pm #

    Bahriatown management phase 8 badly failed to complete the development work within their own declared schedule.Do they have any right to eat profit on people’s investment instead of distributing the same among the investors after their own declared period of completion of development.If they are earning profit like this they are eating HARAM. In case if someone wants to withdraw his invested money will he be given profit.I don’t think that they r so good.

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