Why MQM is Burning Karachi To The Ground

15 Dec

37775_428496123136_109340433136_4870840_4058625_nIn the last 6 months or so, Karachi has been perpetually burning. To be honest Karachi has been burning for over five years now, but in the last 6 months it’s gotten simply insane. Unlike Rehman Malik who refuses to accept the facts and shows us the third finger regularly as the reason Karachi is burning, the rest of humanity knows it’s the MQM at play. But why is MQM, the party that claims to own the city and be its savior killing and maiming people in the city that was once beautiful and amazing.

Simply put there are three reasons this mess is going on. We can throw down all sorts of theories but factually speaking it’s these three reasons combined that are the basis of Karachi’s current bout of MQM.

Firstly, MQM is actively engaged in a two pronged approach with regards to the approaching elections. If you do not know, MQM has overseen the deaths of 9,000 people in the last 5 years in Karachi. Normally MQM will try to weasel out of this fact by blaming the provincial government for this, but fact is they had the Mayorship till 2010. More recently a number of MQM ‘leaders’ has been forced to resign from the assemblies as they are dual nationals, a fact they refused to tell the public even though it was a major issue of discussion for many months. So now after doing this over the last 5 years, MQM is getting ready for elections the only way they know how; through violence.

MQM_Rally_ONPP_543x275As part of this two pronged approach, MQM first resisted the Delimitation issue that is supposed to fix the constituency mess in Karachi. With changing demographics in the last 12 years, this is a major blow to the MQM who currently have the constituencies designed in a manner that every other party’s votes are split. So when push came to shove, even the PPP stood with PML N, ANP and every other party to file a case about delimitation. The Supreme Court gave the orders to the ECP to redraw the constituencies and involve army if it had to. And this is the point where MQM clearly saw that their grip was going to be lost.

So in a very systematic manner, they first had a huge public gathering where their leader practically bitched out the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice knowing full well that would lead to a contempt of court notice. The bet MQM made was simple, they attack the Supreme Court like they did on 12th May 2007, then they wait for the court to take action and once the action is taken against them, they put Karachi on Fire and start black mailing the PPP and the SC itself that if things were to continue, Karachi would keep burning. And this is exactly what is going on right now, the Supreme Court took notice, issue of a Contempt of Court notice against a British National who runs the MQM and then MQM started burning Karachi.

mqm-firingNow this is just one prong of the two pronged approach, the second portion is that given Karachi is up in flames, MQM is now systematically going to start arguing that the delimitation exercise cannot be done. They are going to put their journalists to task, starting with AK Chishti types who rely on MQM for all they have. They will start spinning a narrative about how going about the SC order would only spark more tension in Karachi i.e. if you follow SC orders we will burn this city to the ground.

So that is just one reason why the MQM is doing this to Karachi. The 2nd reason is simple actually; Karachi is an abusive relationship with MQM. MQM beats her, rapes her and even sells her out as and when required. Every time Karachi starts looking for an alternative, a way out, the violence increases. MQM does it to show who is in control. With just a few months to go before the elections, MQM is rallying its troops to make sure that their victim doesn’t even think about looking the other way. So for that they will do what they have to including fighting the SC and defacing the city of Karachi all just to show her who is in charge.

Lastly, if you haven’t noticed yet, there is a change in the way the over lords deal with the MQM. They always pushed it to a point from where it was easy to come back. But ever since MQM crossed a line and did what they did in London, the overlords have lost their patience. In the last 10 months, slowly but surely they have been working on caging the animal they created over 25 years ago. Letting the redrawing of constituencies go through and getting it backed by even PTI and ANP was a technical step to minimize the influence of MQM. Other such steps would continue in the coming weeks and months that slowly chip away at the MQM. MQM realizes this and is fighting back. They are essentially showing the overlords that they are not going to be taken apart that easily and it’s going to get violent.

These three reasons put together are why Karachi is burning. MQM will flood all media space with its brand of BS but if you look through the patterns, it all comes down to these three reasons. Yes we cannot really do anything about it, but it is good to know what exactly is going on.


11 Responses to “Why MQM is Burning Karachi To The Ground”

  1. sobia December 15, 2012 at 7:40 am #

    Very nice write up, simple honest and factual.

    • logicmonkey December 15, 2012 at 8:04 am #

      Thanks… Its something that just had to be said.. unfortunately no journalist or even social media twitterati have the balls to talk about this..

    • malik azam December 15, 2012 at 8:43 am #

      There is no doubt that M.Q..M. is a MAFIA. No other party has enjoyed
      so much power in the history of Pakistan thru sheer politics of black mailing and gun diplomacy.

      If we recall the party cader of Awwami League of East Pakistan and
      compare it with M.Q.M., its very clear that both are the brain child of the
      same author, ” Make the people so terrified that they dare not whisper
      even in their bed rooms, against the party.

      The comical telephonic speeches of Altaf Hussain are a punishment to
      the sane elements, sitting in the Jalsa as dead ppl with no enthusiasm
      but threat of their lives. Altaf Hussain, fully drunk, looks like a clown
      villian like ” shakti Kapoor ” the famoous comedy villian of Indian Film

      M.Q.M. was created in the name of protection of Mohajir’s rights. The
      urdu speaking ” Mohajirs ” must re assess what did they get in the bargain. The percentage of votes M.Q.M. got in the history of elections
      clearly indicate their real vote bank whenever establishment was not on
      their back. Mohajirs are the biggest losers in the M.Q.M. dilemma.

      Zulfiqar Mirza , swore with Quran e Pak in his hands, blaming that
      Altaf Hussain had told him that Americans have decided to break Pakistan and he is with them. Zukfiqar Mirza also quoted Peer Mazhar
      Hussain accompanyinghim in the meeting with Altaf Hussain , wherein
      he broke this news to him. He also challenged Peer Mazhar to deny his
      allegation on oath which he never did.

      I have no doubt that Altaf Hussain is an agent of estern powers who has held hostage the economic hub of pakistan to be used when final assault is made to break pakistan.

      Isnt it a strange phenomen that M.Q.M., since 1988 , is in power, and
      in every govt., they bargained for ” ports and shipping ” ministry. why, why, why ? !!! Because they are indulged in smuggling of arms to
      make a parallel army in karachi. The ministry is used for every kind of crime, human smuggling, deportation and import of their killing squads
      from the countries the have been planted.

      The murderes of Dr.Imran Farooq came from abroad and went abroad
      after killing Dr. Imran Farooq. Two of the murderes were arrested on
      Karachi Air port on a tip from Mi-8. If these murderes are handed over
      to Britain, no power on earth can save Altaf Hussain for abetment and
      planning of this murder. It was confirmed by the Scotland Yard Chief
      ( later underplayed by foreign office of Uk ). Recent raid on M.Q.M.
      business office created shocks in the rank and file of M.Q.M. and Zar
      dari Mafia. The FO statement exposes the nexus btwn zar dari and Altaf
      to break pakistan

      • husein47 December 19, 2012 at 11:45 am #

        Mard e Momin, Mard e Haq, was repeatedly warned that the public meeting at Nishter Park will prove disastrous for Pakistan, and that very much happened. Muhajir Professor, lecturers, teachers who were the role models for the upcountry students in Karachi have brushed aside their myth. MQM has proved to make Muhajirs a piece of hate for the rest of the country. There are three fathers; one who has managed to give a birth, another who has given his daughter and the most important is the teacher who has been instrumental in fashioning one’s life. MQM has greatly tarnished the loving image of the erstwhile enlightened, soft, tender and loving Mohajirs.

    • waqas December 15, 2012 at 3:53 pm #

      but very less people have the courage to write facts about MQM ……because then these people will murder him …..

  2. Mehmood ahmed December 16, 2012 at 4:58 pm #

    MQM is the group of hooligans,blackmailers and murderers

  3. Saulat Abadi December 17, 2012 at 4:26 am #

    Why can’t MQM practise non-violent politics just like normal political parties? MQM is nothing but a terrorist party created by Mullah Zia ul Haq.

  4. Shafaat Rasool December 17, 2012 at 6:29 am #

    I want the solution. The analysis is okay. It is a contradiction in terms- if the overlords are cutting the guy down bit by bit, why would they plan to dismember Pakistan? It would be much better to feed the guy and fatten him further for the assault. I dont agree that overlords want to dismember pakistan. They are retreating from this idea because of the mounting violence by MQM. This is not helping the Western interests in Pakistan.

  5. Non-Tribal December 17, 2012 at 8:58 pm #

    Why would the party that comes from a particular city wish to destroy that same city? You have two types of logic… One would dictate that there are forces that wish to destabilize the city and lay the blame squarely on MQM’s shoulders while at the same time causing mayhem and confusion…
    The other would dictate to pull something out of one’s rear as the writer of this article has done…
    One needs to ask, why did Zulfiqar Mirza issue 300,000 licenses to interior Sindh residents?
    The answer is simple… Go into Karachi, kill a few of its inhabitants and we will take care of the propaganda… The fools will lap it up as fools are prone to do… If you get caught, don’t worry… You have licenses and we will take care of the rest as we are in power… MQM gets blamed, the only party that is able to stand against Waderas and Chowdhris and Sains get discredited and the dogs bark in the direction of the caravan as they always do…

    • husein47 December 19, 2012 at 11:53 am #

      I am sure the social media will show its magic like Tehrir Squre in Cairo. It is high time that research work should be carried out in depth the commonality between Mukti Bahni and those the custodians of arms, who have an open general licence to kill, cut the corpses into pieces, pack in the gunny bags and then dispatch it to upcountry. The law of Nature will operate, surely and this is enevitable and indispensable.

  6. SM ZAKI May 28, 2013 at 5:33 pm #

    It seems that the writer is totally obsessed with anti-MQM propaanda. Thre is no two or three pronged strategy that MQM employs to remain in power. Actually it commands the hearts and minds of peolpe. No political party or armed group can hold control of such a big city like Karachi through barrel of the gun. Had this been possible than Taliban and likewise groups even Jammat Islami and Laskare Tayyba had employed this tactics. They are more trained in gun fighting than MQM. sO ANALYISIS SHOULD BE BASED ON MERIT AND TRUTH AND SHOULD NOT BE BIASED TO MISLEAD PEOPLE. PEOPLE ARE NOT SO NAIVE AS THEY SEEM. sm zaki

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