Breaking Punjab… PPP’s New Plan

13 Dec

Pakistans-Prime-Minister-Raja-Pervez-AshrafBy now we are all used to the fact that PPP government along with their allies are always working tirelessly to screw the people of Pakistan sideways. They have worked over time in the case of Karachi where 9000 people have lost their lives and yet PPP manages to talk about how they are ‘keeping the peace’ there. Also in the case of the whole province, PPP managed to divide Sindh with the help of MQM to ensure that people of Sindh always suffer and never get away from the modern slavery of the MQM and the PPP. In Balochistan they have essentially lit the province on fire. In KPK there is a war like situation on going.

But after this amazing success they have had in their quest to destroy Pakistan, PPP and its Allies have no turned their focus on Punjab. They want to break it. But just because PPP is PPP, they do not have the balls to openly say this in public that they want to break PUNJAB, they instead do it secretly. Following is the ‘Public Notice’ that appeared today in newspapers in Pakistan. The only issue is this ‘Public Notice’ is tucked away comfortably on the 19th page in the Metro section of the paper that no one reads.

2012-12-13 09.58.30Thing is PPP need to realize that even though it broke Pakistan once in the 1970s, and even though they have broken Sindh, they will not get away with dividing Punjab. A party whose sole purpose is to destruction of Pakistan through division cannot be allowed to continue.


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