MQM: Rules… What Rules? Morals… What Morals?

3 Dec

12-3-2012_19217_l_TPeople often say that there are two Pakistans, one for the rich and one for the poor. That is a debatable issue, but what is not debatable is the fact that MQM lives and operates in a different domain than the rest of us.

Everyone by now knows that in the last 5 years over 8000 people have lost their lives in Karachi. Out of the 5 years in question, MQM held the Mayorship of the city while it was also in the Provincial & Federal Government. But magically* MQM managed to not get blamed for this gross mismanagement and instead they actually managed magically* to walk out of this as victims.

But just to drive home this point, I would like to point you towards the news item that appeared in today’s Dawn regarding the MQM MNAs and MPAs who quietly resigned after being proven Dual Nationals and were immediately inducted back in to the cabinet. To start with, while the whole country was up in arms over the dual national members of parliament the people in question did not bother even mentioning for once that they were dual nationals. Not once did any of these men come forward and be honest with the people of Pakistan that they were nationals of another country. At no point did any of these people admit that they did not believe in Pakistan and instead went ahead and got another nationality.

Raza HaroonBut even that is ok, that is what MQM does. They never admit anything. Even after 8000 people died in Karachi, they have the audacity to blame a 3rd force in a city that they claim to own. What annoys me is the fact that these people did not even feel remorse over the fact that they chose some other country over Pakistan but instead given the chance to choose which nationality to keep, they chose the other country even though these people are sitting in our assemblies and parliament. Think about it, this is what these MNAs and MPAs think of Pakistan, that they would much rather take another nationality rather than help their own people. And then, without admitting they hid facts from the people of Pakistan, they resign only to be brought back to their same position through executive orders. These are the people of MQM. This is what MQM is.

So while all of us are expected to follow the rule of law and follow the constitution, MQM chooses to ignore it and continue scamming the people by lying to them to their faces.

*= The Image Below



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