9 Nov

Dr Faisal Bari is by far one of the most well respected economists in Pakistan. The argument he is making with regards to Social Policy is valid as it is about time we stopped experimenting and finally agreed on something that can be implemented keeping long term in mind

Pakistan Policy Ideas

Faisal Bari

ARGUABLY the poorest people in Pakistan tend to be found more in the camp of the PPP than of the PML-N or PTI. The latter, going by popular perception, seems to draw most of its support from the youth, and from the urban/peri-urban areas. Support for the PML-N is believed to come more from lower middle- to middle-income groups.

Does this explain the difference in social-sector policies that each party favours or, at least, appears to favour? The PPP’s biggest social-sector move was the creation of the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP).

Though the PML-N was in coalition with PPP when the idea of a social protection institution was discussed and it too supported it, after they parted ways it was the PPP that took the idea forward, gave the programme Benazir Bhutto’s name and designed and implemented its key programmes.

It was the PPPs choice to go…

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