Social Media Dentists and the Knock Off Obama

5 Nov

You know bad days are coming when someone stops putting in an effort and start ripping/copying stuff from other people. Think of it this way, how sad is it when you see Sahir Lodhi desperately trying to copy Shahrukh Khan and how pathetic he comes off as a person. Now in place of Sahir Lodhi consider PTI and in place of Shah Rukh Khan think of the Obama campaign. For months PTI has been copying Obama’s campaign like a playbook and people have let that pass because well PTI gets away with things other parties cannot because they have a troll army and others do not.

What the Obama campaign did over a month ago

But with this latest copy paste of the Obama Campaign’s Initiative, as the it is now just sad to see the direction PTI Is taking. For months they have managed to somehow delay elections within their party while continuously asking everyone else to have them. This party still does not have a list of candidates and has seen massive defections in the party. But even then, PTI had the audacity to put up three 60 year olds on an elevated stage in hall in Lahore to talk about how Youth matters in the political landscape of Pakistan. Initially this glaring hypocrisy made people angry at how PTI refuses to see what it has become but now it is just sad. Like a Chinese knock off, PTI is now showing exposing its wear and tear.

What the Chinese Obama’s Campaign did

This latest stunt hurts PTI more than it does anyone else. It exposes how childish and petty PTI is where they do not even bother with creativity and original thoughts anymore. It feels as if to PTI national politics is a joke, it is sort of like a fantasy they are playing out where they will fight the ‘system’ by backing the ‘Taliban Under Dog’ and win a popular vote. To the Dentist in Charge he is playing out his fantasies while talking about merit sitting in a job his daddy got him. But that does not stop there; they will bash PML N but say nothing about the MQM or ANP. Because it is just so much easier bashing people who do not carry guns and are peaceful.

Truth is the direction in which PTI is now heading is disastrous for not just itself but for voter confidence. This is a party that has made ‘Taliban’ a debatable topic. Think about it, people who attack 14 year old little girls are now a debatable topic partly because PTI and its Chinese Obama would not stop supporting them. In the last 6 months, they have already disappointed a lot of people with their support for the Taliban and their refusal for internal party elections. The deeper issue is PTI has broken people’s trust by not even trying to follow up on what they have been preaching everywhere. And now with their latest string of stunts, they are getting exposed as quacks that have been preying on innocent people who actually want to believe in a better Pakistan where the youth and middle class have a genuine say. But this is a vision that Chinese Obama and his party only talk about and sell to the masses. Because fact is, even if they wanted to, they simply are not capable enough to actually deliver on it. After all a knock off remains a knock off no matter how hard it tries to look and sound like an original.

Think About it.. Both of them Blatantly Copy Someone way more Successful and play out their fantasies on TV regularly.


2 Responses to “Social Media Dentists and the Knock Off Obama”

  1. Muhammad Bilal (@Mr_Balli) November 5, 2012 at 8:13 am #

    Really imress showing pmln vision website.. i think my corsor doing madness..LOL

  2. Syed Masood Ibrahim April 10, 2013 at 10:55 pm #


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