Anas Razzaq: Women Harasser Extraordinaire

4 Nov

Ok this is simply amazing.. the person she is talking about goes by the name of Anas Razzaq, Or Anas Inc or Anas Jutt. He is a PPP supporter based out of the US who spends half the day repeating PPP and essentially pushing their agenda. At times he even takes the liberty of calling himself their SM Team Lead. So all in all a typical Psuedo Educated Leftist Liberal Type.

But that perception changes the moment you go through this and realize how big of a moron this guy is. He actually has the audacity to harass women and then actually try to force them not to say anything about it.

I am posting this up from the original website, because people should know. People should know what vultures exist online and what their approach is. Also do remember this is the same guy who cannot shut up about how pro women PPP is. So I am guessing this is what being Pro Women in PPP means now…

In the wake of this blog, Anas Razzaq has shut off all his Twitter IDs but for the record they were @AnasRazzaq @AnasJutt @EconInc

s&f joon

Hey joonies, 

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a guest post and what better way to kick off the eve of HUMP DAY than with a very special post from one of our readers.  This post combines all of our favorite things: social media, relationships, and doodool-talas.  Enjoy and drop her a line in the comments!

I think its the curse of being brown that most men especially your typical brown Pakistani men (I will talk about my own males because I am blessed with God gifted rights to railroad them) think that they can literally walk over you.

They can get to know you in the name of friendship, play with you, treat you like shit and when they are all done, their arrogant ass can throw you away.

Most of the time, they prefer that you will stick to them inspite of the emotional abuse that they…

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