PPP: Perpetually Playing Victim

20 Oct

In the wake of the Short Order regarding the Asghar Khan petition, everyone has come out saying it is a good decision and should have been taken ages ago. But as always the PPP did one better and made the PM Pervaiz Ashraf call a press conference and declare this event as a great victory for PPP. He also went ahead and talked about all injustices that the PPP has suffered. In essence what the PM did was somehow paint the PPP as a victim even after 20 something years, while sitting in government. With elections about 6 months away, this BS needs to stop now.

We all know PPP has went through a lot, we all know that it is the party that has played its politics on its martyrs and it has successfully done so for 44 years. What no one seems to be realizing is that PPP has ruled Pakistan for over 14 years in total, longer than any other political party in our history and yet somehow PPP keeps playing the victim. I mean, they have had a full terms in office and somehow they did not manage to bring to justice all those who wronged them and victimised them. But that being said, during the 90s this argument might have been valid, even during the 80s this argument would have been  valid. But during the 2000s it was PPP that cut a deal with the dictator to form a government. It was the PPP that gave a guard of honor to the Dictator and it was the PPP which has run Pakistan’s economy in to the ground in the last 5 years. After all of this, how can the PPP even attempt to play the victim?

Think about it, this is the same party that bitched out the PML Q as the ‘Qatil’ League and is now in complete alliance with them. But this is not even the worst of it, Ch Pervaiz, the person BB named as one of the people she would blame in case of her death, is the Deputy PM in a PPP Government. And still, somehow this party has the audacity of playing the victim for political gain 6 months before an election.

So yes while the courts have given a decision on a petition that back in the 90s what happened was wrong and the IJI win was a result of rigging. This does not mean the PPP has to start playing victim now. They already have won the elections in 93’ with playing victim on this specific IJI issue. Why is PPP trying to milk that even now? Also haven’t we had enough of political parties playing victim to get our votes, especially the ones who are still in government but choose to play victim.

Fact is PPP has won every single election post Zia by playing victim. It is part of their psyche by now. Every chance PPP gets they will go ahead and play the victim. Try it out with a Jiyala, within 2 minutes of any argument they would be essentially either talking about the martyrs or the PPP’s struggle that will feed their victim narrative. But now, after braving 5 years of PPP rule, that has broken our economic back and put half our country on fire, we simply cannot allow them to get away with playing victim. We cannot be duped by the same argument again. This victim BS needs to stop and people of Pakistan need to realize how one party keeps blowing this victim smoke screen to hide their mess.


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