The Bakery, The CM and Social Media

18 Oct

Recently Social Media has been on fire about the Bakery Incident that involved CM Punjab’s daughter’s security in an altercation with Bakery Staff. The story came up in a very planned manner with a video ‘leaking’ on Vimeo and then being spread through a very specific group of people till it eventually went viral. And after it did what followed was the very similar hue and cry of our social media and mainstream media about how the powerful can get away with anything and how law and order is going to hell in Punjab. It got to a point where some people started saying things like Punjab was being treated like private property of the CM where his kids get to play and do whatever they like.

But then something weird happened, something that even our twitterati are not really used to. The CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif launched an inquiry in to his own family, and ordered his Son in Law to go to a Police Station and give himself up for arrest. But even after this, the Social Media, especially our twitterati, wanted something more. The only issue is they really do not know what they want more, but they do know they want it. Also this is the same Social Media whose only response to tens of people getting killed in Karachi or elsewhere is one of those super cheesy tweets which go something like;

  1. Stay Safe #Karachi/#Pakistan
  2. #Karachi/#EnterCityName is Such a Resilient City
  3. We Love You #Karachi/#EnterCityName … You will Bounce Back

At no point does anyone ask for justice or even call out the parties involved in the violence. Same goes for people from other cities, which would waste no time in jumping on Punjab Government or the CM but would never hold the Federal or any other provincial government accountable. What is worse is every time there is an attack by the Taliban, there is not even unanimous condemnation of it because we have some geniuses who figure out that there is never a better time to talk about how TTP is all nice and cuddly other than right after a Taliban attack that kills innocents.

The point is our social media needs to grow up already. Enough of this nonsense, give credit when it’s due and rip apart people when they deserve it. Also learn to appreciate when people pay heed to Social Media and take action because logically speaking if the Social Media is essentially going to continue being a pointless bitching forum than people are going to stop really caring what the Social Media is saying. In essence ‘Agar Aglay Izat De Rahay Hain… To Laini Bhi Seekh Lo’.

Fact is the elections are 6 months away and in that period a lot of things are going to happen online. By now we should be mature enough to see things as they are react accordingly instead of perpetually acting like as if we are all involved in a shouting match. So yes the Bakery Incident was unfortunate to say the least, but appreciate that a CM actually did his job and put his own family on stand. Also do try to remember what any of the other 3 CMs have done in the last 5 years, just for comparison sake.


One Response to “The Bakery, The CM and Social Media”

  1. Waqas Ali October 18, 2012 at 10:12 am #


    First of all, Thank You CM for sending your SIL to police station. You deserve credit for this but iI have fee questions. I hope this writer would love to answer.

    Q.1. When everywhere in media, it is showing that HER DAUGHTER was involved all in all in this incident, why asking/sending your SIL to get arrested? Why not the actual guilty person which is your DAUGHTER?

    Q.2. Please stop moulding and twisting the facts by using the words like, “CM’s Daughter’s Guards” please say clear and loud HER NAME and stop victimising the GUARDS. If the GUARDS done this on their own then why they are not in Jail instead of CM’s SIL?

    Q.3. If GUARDS are responsible for all this then why they are still on their jobs? Why they have not been sacked and in Jail?

    Q.4. I think you are mixing things up, everywhere in Social media and on Internet, we are condemning the attacks and killings of innocent in Karachi. People are bitching Sindh government but I think you have to search for it. Have you done your homework before writing this?

    Q.5. You think internet surfers are against your CM, may be they are but its CM who does not have control over his tongue. Making large promises like “we will convert Lahore into Paris” etc and not fulfilling them is the reason behind all CM BITCHING. Acts speak louder than words. Don’t you think CM is showboating more than actual and concrete actions?

    Q.6. If there is a problem in Punjab, people will mention Punjab and its ruling party which is PMLN. Do you expect from people to mention Sindh, Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa or Balochistan in this BAKERY matter?

    Please open your eyes and don’t follow blindly your party. You have to criticise your party where it is due if you are demanding to get credit vice versa.

    Hope and pray, ALLAH will help all of us.

    Good Luck

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