Drones Are Bad But So Are The Taliban

17 Oct

Drones are bad and so is the act of killing innocent people. You would think that this would be something that everyone could agree on and just simply move on. But for some reason, we the people have been stuck arguing this for over a year now. For purely political purposes one specific party has hijacked this debate and changed the equation in to if you are against TTP you obviously support the drones. Again at this point a logical person would think wait how did we get to that conclusion but somehow that is the ongoing narrative.

What is lost in this stupid semi moronic equation is that majority of Pakistanis do not like the act of another country breaching our sovereignty on a regular basis even if they have a deal with our overlords. An overwhelming majority believes that things that rain down hell from the sky that end up killing innocents are wrong. This overwhelming majority also thinks that when TTP kills innocent civilians, they are also wrong and should be dealt with. The point that somehow keeps getting missed due to politicization of this issue is this; Killing Innocent People is Wrong!

Be it TTP or the Drones, both are hurting Pakistan in the long run. The idea that drones are to blame for the TTP is not just naïve, its insulting to those who died in massacres like Parade Lane. But for some reason the geniuses on and off line, refuse to remember these incidents where tens of people were brutally slaughtered by TTP. And NO let’s be very clear that slaughtering common folk is not a reaction to anything. Balochistan is an Insurgency that is a reaction to acts of state over time, do not go ahead and equate TTP to that. TTP are terrorists and they hate Pakistan, hence they need to be gotten rid of.

As for Drones, let’s not pretend to be children anymore. We all know exactly how they operate and who lets them operate. Drones are bad and the collateral damage to an air strike is very high. But pretending not to know how to shut the drones down and instead using them as an excuse to defend the TTP is plain moronic. Also using this for political mileage is fine, but then at least have the balls to follow up and go knock on the doors in Islamabad’s neighboring city instead of bitching about them constantly without ever saying the actual truth.

Also enough with this non sense of terming people pro-drone if they hate TTP and Vice Versa. A common man in Pakistan does not want to see their countrymen killed. There is no good or justified kill, it is all just murder and we the people of Pakistan have enough heart to not support any of it.


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