Why Feisal Naqvi is Right in Shaming the ‘Great One’

16 Oct


The recent article by Feisal Naqvi is coming under extreme criticism as expected from the Fan-Boy Club of Imran Khan. As always the critique is harsh and laden with Imranogic (Imrani Logic), which essentially dismisses everything without even reading it or bothering to understand the arguments being made. But the fact is that Feisal Naqvi is right and he has a point.

To start with he is merely pointing out that the ‘Great Leader’ made a statement that essentially said ‘No I cannot really condemn the Taliban cause I got Supporters in their areas’. What sort of a national leader makes a statement like this. Take your time and think about it, IK wants to lead this country and yet he makes statements like this and then is expecting not be called a coward. Why shouldn’t he be called a coward? Why shouldn’t we expect better from our potential leaders than simply backing off known terrorists because they ‘have supporters’ in those areas.

Next, Feisal highlights that Imran Khan is willing to condemn the attack on Malala, a child but refuses to bash the Taliban for all the other atrocities. If this is not hypocrisy than what is. Here is a guy who goes out there and says that one case in which a little girl got shot is wrong, but when the TTP exactly does this regularly and kills a lot more people, that is just them reacting. Are you freaking kidding me Imran Khan? And for pointing this simple hypocrisy Feisal Naqvi is getting bashed left, right and center by the ‘Cult of Imran’.

While the Imranis want us to focus on the Drone Debate they cannot keep saying everything is an aftermath of that. Feisal points out that Imran Khan refuses to understand the difference between TTP and the Afghan Taliban. That is a fact; he genuinely does not get it. The whole Drones are good or bad debate needs to be done and over with now, Drones are wrong and mow let us move on. Imran Khan is not a child that he doesn’t know how and why drones get to do operations in Pakistan. But even though he knows this, he refuses to go after the people who pull the strings on this one. But apparently pointing simple facts like this one and pointing out the hypocrisies of a presumed National leader is a sin.

And yes, fact is Malala, that little child has more guts than Imran Khan because at least she called out the TTP for what they are; a bunch of terrorists. She had the decency not to mince her words and did not fear for her life, she was brave. What Imran Khan does in a regular basis is the opposite of that. So if Feisal calls out Immy Bhai on that, he is just saying the truth.

Point is bashing one or two people on a regular basis simply because they hold a mirror up to your face is now getting old. The elections are 6 months away and it is time the Imranis took the time to see how far Right they have gone since their October 2011 Jalsa in Lahore. In the last one year the amount of hypocrisy and double standards that have come forward from them is astounding and even with their armies of cyber bullies they have failed to kill logical arguments. So while the hordes of Imranis attack what people like Feisal point out, they simply cannot hide the sheer hypocrisy of Imranogic (Imrani Logic). Calling a spade a spade is not a crime regardless of what a cult thinks.


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